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Madison Axe offers eight axe throwing lanes with industry best and state-of-the-art projected technology, enhancing your experience. Our dynamic axe throwing targets & games, offer many games from Standard Targets, Zombie/Duck Shooter, Tic Tac Toe, Line up 4, Twenty-One, Cricket, Battleship, and many holiday or “occasional” target games. Real wood with real axes gives you the most unique & unmatched experience.

To view more about our games, click here!

New! “Axe Photos” – Uploads directly to the targets from your phone!


Customizing your games and events is our mission!

No whiteboards or dry erase markers… Here you can, customize player names & photos and digitally score. With recently added targets, game features, backgrounds & custom backgrounds. We will take your expectations beyond Axe-citing Fun, to a whole new level!


We Crown Champions” – our signature game includes crowning your groups “Axe Champions”! Included, you can expect trophies, prizes & much more. Some secret ingredients & add-ons available.


Our team of “Champion Axe Masters” – are sharply proven! On track to becoming one of Wisconsin’s highest rated facilities & already Madison’s highest reviewed! From event scheduling, planning & coordination aimed right into that “Big Smile” at check-in! Good vibes, your party hosts, lane & axe coaches, bar-to-table service, fun & challenge promoters & special giveaway person!


WE ALSO CREATE & CAPTURE YOUR MEMORIES - our digital photo & video platform, that will send your event memories directly to you!


We also offer 2 full-scale Deck Shuffleboard Courts that come with many additional yard games. 2 to 4 people per court is ideal, can be shared with more.


Cornhole & yard games can also be set up on the court if you choose to change things up. Test your skills with our Hammerschlagen, $1 per nail or 6 nails for $4!

Axe Lanes Details

All of our axe throwing lanes have state-of-the-art software to enhance your experience.  Lots of fun games to choose from! Madison Axe is great for large groups, several medium groups, & full facility rentals!


8 axe throwing lanes

Standard lane sessions can be booked online, for 2-6 people per lane, lasting 75-80 minutes. 

New Games Alert

Pull tabs, Golden Tee, and Big Buck Hunter have made their debut here! Stop on in and try them out! We can’t wait to see you! Books are open and we have lots of space available. Come in and say hi, throw some axes, drink some drinks, and try out the new games. We will see you soon!

Free Games

electric shock roulette

Electric Shock Roulette

fast sling puck game

Fast Sling Puck Game

Giant connect four

Giant Connect 4

Madison Axe - 2023-10-19-14-35-45-054-8z2vx.jpg

Golden Tee

four sided shut the box

Four Sided Shut The Box

giant jenga

Giant Jenga

Madison Axe - 2023-10-19-14-39-14-552-8z2vv.jpg

Buck Hunter

hook and ring toss

Hook and Ring Toss

mini shuffleboard

Mini Shuffleboard

Madison Axe - 2023-10-19-14-35-38-863-8z2vo.jpg

Slot Machines

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