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Axe Game Instructions

Setup Teams, Scoring & Gameplay

Keyboard & Mouse – all scoring will be done with the mouse, by simply just clicking the targets. Keyboard is for customizing your player’s names under setup teams. Other functions and buttons for the mouse include MISS, UNDO, NEW GAME and MAIN MENU, described below.

Setup Teams –

· Choose 1-5 throws per player/turn. We recommend 3 or more, for most games!

     · Reminder, just to throw one axe, retrieve it, then proceed to throw again.

· You can then add number of players (2-6) & players names (default puns or custom names)


Scoreboard & Scoring –

· “Miss” – If the axe does not stick / you miss the scorable area, you will receive a zero or the game will switch players for some games.

· “Undo” – You can undo previous scored points.

· “New Game” – Resets the game

· “Main Menu” – bring you back to the main screen with Setup & Games

Standard Target

10 Frames/throws per player each game. 5th & 10th frame “Kill Shots” appear on the target, only available on those frames. Kill shots are worth 8 points. If you choose to throw for them, you must call your shot, in order to get awarded those points. If you miss, anywhere, it is zero points.

Zombie Hunter

Select Ducks or Zombies! 10 frames/throws per player each game. Easy or Hard mode. We love Hard mode; it makes your targets smaller. Your targets will disappear after Axing them out. You will receive 1 point for each duck/zombie. Be aware of the “Frown Face” or “Rubber Duck”, those are negative points.


Tic tac toe with a twist. You may remove your opponent’s X’s or O’s! Get 3 in a row to win.


Just like connect four, chips will fall to the bottom. The columns are the targets, hit with axe & click with the mouse on a vertical column and the chip will fall there. Lineup 4 to win!

Merry Axe-mas

Take down the Christmas tree ornaments and save the presents. 10 frames/throws per player each game. Your targets will disappear after Axing them out, with positive and negative point value targets. Most points wins!

Date Night

Valentine’s theme, 10 frames/throws per player each game. Your targets will disappear after Axing them out, with positive and negative point value targets. Most points wins!


Blackjack! Start Round #1, with 30 cards face down. Each player will throw round #1 with cards face down. Round #2, cards will be face up to begin making a score of 21. You can steal your opponent’s cards by hitting them on the target. First to exactly 21 Wins! Go over 21, you’ll bust and go back to 0!


Cricket just like the dart version. 3 throws/turn, be sure to take the axe out after each throw! White & black areas= x1 points / Outer green & red= x2 points / Middle green & red= x3 points. Center red ring is x2 bullseye & green ring is x1. Play with/out points, and close all your targets to win! For “w/ scoring” you also must have the highest points too! Longer game to play.

Bottle Axe

Starts with a blank screen. The game pieces will fall from the top of the screen and fall into place. All pieces with matching color boxes are worth as many points as the same color boxes it touches. Can vary from 1 to as many as 14. Try to hit the most boxes throughout the frames and end with the highest score to win!


2-6 players. Each player starts with 3 ships randomly placed on their boards. Player 1 goes for player 2’s board and so on, with however many players you have. A miss will be indicated by a water splash, followed by a marked off with a “X” made from axe icons. A hit will be indicated with an explosion followed by fire. Sink 3 enemy ships; they are eliminated! Longer game to play.

Axe Photos Target

Go to Enter 6- digit pin from game board into phone. Wait for connection. Then upload photos for each player. Wait for it to load in. Game starts automatically. Green- 10 points, Blue- 7, Pink- 3, Yellow- 1. Once you click the main menu, it’ll refresh the game and you’ll have to go through the same process to restart the game.

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